Are you trying to “Move Up” in your Career? However, you are feeling stuck and seeing no advancement opportunities.

Are you trying to “Move Over” to a new Career? You want to transition to a new field or industry but have had little success or have no idea how to begin.

Are you trying to “Move Out” of your Career? You are ready to retire or plan your exit out of the corporate jungle and design a different life.

Is Your Career Going in a New Direction?  Are you having trouble figuring out the direction you are taking?Career twists & turns come in many forms:

  • You are continually looked over for promotions
  • You have suddenly experienced job loss – what do I do next?
  • You know you have a lot to offer your current or future employer but struggle with how to communicate it
  • You are sick of corporate America and need an exit strategy
  • You need to figure out what qualifications & skills you have for the new field you are pursing
  • You send out tons of resumes and don’t get interviews
  • You get plenty of interviews but don’t land the job
  • Your feel a lack of purpose – something is missing
  • Too much work and not enough life

Whether you’re anticipating a change or are stuck in the middle of one, you may feel like your career is shifting but you can’t tell where it’s going. This is not uncommon and is not only happening to you.  This occurs for people all the time and sometimes you just need a little help to figure out the direction to go in that is best for you.

Change can be tough…especially with a new routine. A different routine can feel like no routine at all! If your days lack framework, if you don’t have a plan, if your actions are influenced by fear – it’s easy to lose sight of your own value. Journey To Fullness is powerful career coaching that helps you during this critical time in your life when you’re ‘between selves.’

Why stick with stuck? You CAN unlock your inner drive and burst into the next chapter of your career with clarity, resolve and exuberance. Through coaching, you find the missing pieces that complete your vision of the future. The result? You recapture your purpose and get unstuck!

Let me introduce myself.  I am Evelyn Windley Kaufman and I coach people in discovering customized solutions for career twists and turns. You can break free from inaction with a fresh perspective, a purpose, and a plan.

Dare to dream! When you erase the “what ifs” and the “I can’t do thats”, you turn off fear and reclaim your energy, drive, and purpose.

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Getting Positioned For Success by Evelyn Windley Kaufman

Getting Positioned For Success - The GPS Coach

Getting Re-Positioned For Success by Evelyn Windley Kaufman