Career Coaching Services

Career shifts are never easy. Whether you’re facing too many choices or none at all, expert coaching and a fresh perspective ease your transition into your new life chapter. Career Coaching can help you:

  • Take advantage of professional assessments to identify your ideal career and uncover your strengths, gifts and talents
  • Pinpoint and navigate through roadblocks
  • Make the right career choices
  • Claim your purpose with a personal mission statement
  • Revitalize your future with a compelling vision statement
  • Step ahead of your competition with a custom resume or resume makeover
  • Knock ’em dead and showcase your value with interview coaching
  • Develop a plan of action – set goals, make a timetable, and stay on track
  • Celebrate each step with your coach!

Coaching is available no matter where you are in the Career Lifecycle! 

  • Career Assessments:
    • Purpose/Personal Mission Statement
    • Personality
    • Strength/Gifts/Talents
    • Values
    • Career Exploration
  • Career Search:
    • Job Search
    • Resume Writing
    • Interview Preparation
    • Networking
    • Elevator Speech/Branding
  • Career Development:
    • On Job Performance/Improvement
    • Work/Life Balance
  • Career Progression:
    • Leadership Development
    • Career Advancement
  • Career Exit Strategy:
    • Retirement Planning
    • Transition to Entrepreneurship

Invest in Yourself! 

  • Don’t waste time on things that are not the right fit!
  • Become more confident with who you are!
  • Know how to communicate the value you bring to the table!
  • Market yourself verbally and visually!
  • Take the time to make the changes that are not working for you!