Training and Workshops

Training & Workshops

Evelyn Windley Kaufman is an upbeat whirlwind of energy that brings any gathering to life.  She speaks in a variety of settings including luncheons, organizational meetings, team retreats and conferences.  All training programs are customized to meet your organization’s needs, budget and goals.

Presentations for Career and for Life…

  • Avoiding Career Derailment.  Steps to Keeping Your Career from a Crash and Burn!
  • Recession Proof Your Career.  Six Steps to Help You Position Yourself Above Your Competition
  • Why Can’t You Be Normal, Like Me?  Keys to effective communications, productivity and interpersonal relationships, Introduction to Peoplemap™
  • The Power of a Personal Mission Statement!  A good personal missions statement will take one through unsettled and uncertain times by shifting the locus 0f control form external to internal, freeing us to fully live each day with purpose and passion regardless of our circumstances.
  • Leadership Workshops
    • Smooth out ‘people issues’
    • Teach individuals how to work together harmoniously
    • Work effectively across generations
    • Implement a team-building process that increases productivity and customer satisfaction
    • Strengthen relationship skills with clients, patients, staff and partners

Tune Up your Team!!!

Custom Presentations

  • We can create a customized workshop or topic to match your conference them or goals.  If you don’t see what you need, just let us know.


Praise for Evelyn’s Presentations! The GPS Coach The GPS Coach Workshops like Evelyn’s enable us to grow in understanding, wisdom and acceptance of other people’s personalities  –  therefore enabling us to get along better. The GPS Coach

– Marta, Board Member

The GPS Coach   The GPS Coach Evelyn conducted a workshop for Young Engineers (year 0-5 in their career) at our annual conference.  I attended as a skeptic thinking ‘I’m an engineer why do I need people skills.’  By the end of her workshop, I understood my personality type, how to relate to others and am a stronger employee because of it.  I can be the best engineer there is but if I can’t work well with my team, vendors and clients I won’t accomplish much. The GPS Coach

Richard, Engineer 

The GPS Coach The GPS Coach Evelyn’s enthusiasm is wonderful and contagious! The GPS Coach

Polly, Business Owner 

The GPS Coach The GPS Coach My assistant now better understands how to relate to me as well as my customers, and I understand her as well. The GPS Coach

Jerry, Accountant

The GPS Coach The GPS Coach As a speaker, Evelyn Kaufman has an extraordinary ability to gauge the needs of her audience and target her presentation to meet those needs.  She is resourceful, wise and insightful and truly a joy to work with.  Evelyn radiates warmth and leaves her audiences wanting more.   In matters of business, she has the training and experience to meet very diverse needs.   The women of AWE (Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs) look forward to Evelyn’s presentations.  She is gracious beyond measure and unselfish in giving of herself.   I am completely confident that Evelyn’s warm, gracious and practical style of presenting would be a tremendous asset to whatever audience she presented to. The GPS Coach

Mary Kay, Organization Leader

The GPS Coach

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